Move Out Instructions

All leases end at 11am.  Please refer to your lease or contact the office for your lease end date.

The following is information about moving out and how to get your security deposit back promptly.  In order for you to receive your security deposit back, the following steps MUST be completed:

1.     All tenants MUST notify us of the date they will be out of the property. 

2.     Remove all of your belongings, trash and food and then clean the apartment.  Any property left at the apartment will be thrown out and all tenants will be charged for the removal. 

3.     Drop off your keys and key FOB at the office.  Make sure they are labeled with your name & unit number. 

4.     Provide us with your forwarding address.  Also notify the post office of your new address.

Within 30 days of your lease expiration, we will inspect your apartment to determine if any charges need to be made for cleaning, repairs, or missing keys.  We will also deduct any unpaid rent, late fees, utilities or lease violations from your security deposit.  We will then mail you the balance.

Security deposit charges are assessed for your apartment as a whole.  All damage charges are divided equally among all tenants in a unit.  We cannot determine who is responsible for which damage, nor do we want to arbitrate between you and your roommate.  If your roommate caused damages that you feel that you shouldn’t pay for, you must collect from them, not the HUB on Chestnut.

The HUB on Chestnut would prefer to return all security deposits in full.  Please call us if you have any questions or if you have any concerns about preparing your apartment for move-out.

Cleaning:        The apartment must be returned “reasonably clean”.  This means that we expect you to clean the appliances (fridge, stove, washer/dryer) and cabinets inside and out; remove all shelf paper; use an appropriate cleanser on the showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, mirrors, and medicine cabinets (inside as well); dust the baseboards, window sills, and closet shelving; wash the kitchen and bathroom walls and spot-clean the walls in the other rooms; vacuum the floors; scrub the floor tile or linoleum; remove all personal belongings (including clothes hangers and cleaning supplies); and dispose of all trash.  Any belongings left in the property will be thrown out and all tenants will be charged for its removal.

Damages:       If you have caused any damages to the apartment, please fix them or have them fixed.  Damages include any new burns, cracks, chips, or holes in the walls or floor.  Please fix all damages that you may cause when remove things you have attached to the walls or ceiling, and please try to avoid nicking the paint in the halls and doorways as you move things out.

Painting:        If you have painted your walls a new color, or if you have damages from pictures or posters, please return the walls to their original color.

Cleaning and repair charges:          Our rate for cleaning or repairs is $45 per hour plus materials, with a minimum of $45 if any work needs to be done.  In most cases, you can perform any necessary work less expensively than us, so it is in your interest to return the apartment in good condition.

Cable Boxes & Modems:       You are responsible for returning cable boxes & modems to your provider.  Please contact your provider to get information on return of equipment.

Keys:              Please return keys to the office, make sure they are clearly labeled with your name and unit number.  If the office is closed, please put them under the door.  Once keys have been turned in, you will no longer have access to the apartment.

Forwarding Address/Mail:   Please provide us with your forwarding address, we will mail your security deposit return to this address.  Also notify the post office of your new address as soon as possible, you can do this online at  The Hub is NOT authorized to forward mail for you.

Walk-Thrus:   Walk-Thrus will be done after all tenants have vacated the apartment and turned in all keys.

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Leasing Office Address:
Equinox MC - West
3939 Chestnut Street, Office
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Phone: 215-966-8627

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